Animal Protection, “shy” in Mexico

Very timid the animal protection has been in the country since the sanctions have been in administrative and criminal and civil servants take it as a secondary issue.

This was expressed by president of the Mexican Association for the Rights of Animals (AMEDEA -in spanish), Gustavo Larios Velasco, during his recent lecture “Animal Protection and Legislation”.

He said that the public servants in relation to animal issues do not do their job with care, many are not aware of the issue.

26 states have animal protection laws and the majority are governed by local councils. The legal framework includes administrative sanctions but no criminal, it has been a “very shy action, it is believes as secondary issue.”

Promote laws protecting dogs, cats, horses sometimes working and animals in circuses, but with respect to federal laws governing this matter.

He stressed that everything is done with bad technique, with contradictions and low penalties.

It would be wise for the upcoming reforms contemplated to be a single authority who receives the complaint, sanction and secure the animals, so that not only regulate punishments for those who abuse, but also that exists protection for the animals, he said.

At this point is where citizens are required to participate, civil associations can support the authority to provide temporary homes for animals or reserves for the affected animals.

When speaking of the current rules regarding animals, for example, Federal Health Law does not seek that animals are not treated cruelly by their welfare but rather for the flesh does not get any disease.

If laws and regulations, such as the use of animals in laboratory , which regulate their consumption or teaching service were respected, the animals would have a less harsh compared to the conditions in which they find themselves.

He clarified that he is not convinced with the laboratory tests on animals, because there is no guarantee that the product or process to be effective in humans.

Finally said the company managed to make a recommendation on Human Rights to prohibit children from attending bullfights.



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