Animals victim of illegal trafficking were released in Colombia

After suffering the pain caused by the seizure and being in the midst of abuse by illegal traffickers who generated a bias against humans, a total of 31 wild animals were rescued and released into the wild by the District of Environment Bogota.

The set consists of five gray titi monkeys, 20 reptiles (turtles, boas, caimans and iguanas), three arboreal frogs and three beautiful birds: A Pisingo, a mockingbird and ani.

According to experts, the more complex rehabilitation is for the titi monkeys. The primates were admitted to the Wildlife Center with a high level of stress for his capture.

For the specimens could be released, had to go through ordeals to restore their natural abilities.

Initially, each animal was placed in suitable climatic conditions for its development.

After a long period in quarantine, began the process of adaptation between females and males to observe social affinity.

After verifying that the tension and aggression had decreased, they were ready for a second challenge: ‘live in society’.

A huge cage with horizontal feeders at the top, and many branches would be the place that could give these animals the opportunity to live with others.

The final phase to verify that the animals could return to their habitat was that could detect danger. To do this, monkeys and boa constrictors were placed in the same cage. Thus, one could check that their defensive instincts were in order.

These animals overcame these tests and are now free in jungle areas and forests of Tolima, the site chosen by the experts for the conditions offered for these species.

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