Geologists to Undertake Mineral Survey of Venezuela in 2014

More than 600 geologists from Venezuela will participate in creating a mineral survey of Venezuela for the country’s National Geological and Mining Institute (INGEOMIN) next year, according to an announcement made by director Raúl García Jarpa in the state of Mérida.

“Next year we are involved in a convention with the Peoples Republic of China through which we will undertake a national review for mineral prospecting that will begin in the territory of Guayana, specifically in the province of Pastora,” García Jarpa said.

He explained that this involves an enormous effort on the part of about 600 geologists.

“It’s an effort that will occur over the course of a year and upon concluding in Guayana will look to the Andes region, where exploration will be conducted for different minerals,” he said.

This strategic effort is planned by the directors of INGEOMIN, who took up the reins of the organization at the beginning of this year and aim to update national mining data and maps that are more than 10 years old.

INGEOMIN, created in 1999 the new Mining Law, is headquartered in Caracas and maintains a presence in all states throughout Venezuela through field offices. It is in charge of all geological exploration, mining studies carried out throughout the national territory, and geological mapping.

Source: AVN/ Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US