Freezing frosts kill 4.000 cattle in landlocked Paraguay

“Preliminary numbers add up to 1.800 and based on the first reports but I guess we’ll get close to 4.000 deaths because of the intense cold, particularly to the south of the country”, said Hugo Idoyaga, head of Senasa.

In Paraguay cattle farmers in the south grow mainly calves that are then sold to the northern plains for fattening and preparing for market.

In the south, Guillermo Souto president of the regional branch of the Paraguayan Rural Association said that he has reports of at least 2.000 dead cattle because of the intense early morning cold.

“We don’t discard further losses since these are the first reports”, said Souto who described the extreme climate conditions as rather ‘unusual’. He added that in most cases the animals were young or recently weaned.

Source | MercoPress