Venezuela Promotes Strategies for Preventing Illegal Species Trade

The Environment Ministry and the Office of the Public Prosecutor held an event to raise awareness about a set of nine strategies developed to prevent the illicit sale, export and import of endangered forest species.

The ministries are placing informational material such as posters, banners and other material in public places so that communities become familiar with the issue and will know how to identify and respond to crimes regarding endangered animals.

Published lists of endangered forest species are another tool being used to boost species protection.

The director of the National Office on Biological Diversity, Jesús Manzanilla, said that the meeting is part of efforts that have been developed as part of the National Strategy for the Conservation of Biological Diversity, which establishes that airports are important spaces for stopping the trafficking of endangered species.

“Forest animals and biological diversity in general are part of our historical and cultural resources and our national patrimony, and so we have an obligation to guarantee the preservation of these elements as an exercise of our sovereignty and independence for social and cultural development,” Manzanilla said.

Meanwhile, Yonatthan Torres, the state environmental director for the Capital District and the state of Vargas, said that his area is a key part of the effort because of the amount of tourists it attracts, and thus it should have a major role in sharing information.

Torres called on local institutions and the community to get involved in efforts to defend the environment to build a just and equal society and stop abuses of nature such as the illegal species trade.

A third expert, Venezuela’s director for Integral Defense of the Environment and Environmental Crimes, Abigaíl Rodríguez, said that these efforts are being expanded on the national scale in order to raise awareness among airlines at the national and international levels.

Source | Correo del Orinoco