Study reveals Canada needs to protect more land

A landmark study of Canadian environmental charities released by Charity Intelligence Canada (Ci) shows that while a number of Canadian environmental charities are effective in helping protect land, habitat and wildlife, Canada as a whole lags behind other countries in key areas.

The study highlights the fact that only 12% of Canada’s land surface is protected, ranking 16th out of 30 OECD countries. In comparison, the United States protects 24% of its land.

The study found that despite criticisms of the current federal government, Ottawa remains a major funder of many Canadian environmental organizations. In 2010, the federal and provincial governments combined contributed $372 million to environmental charities, whilst Canadian donors gave over $286 million, supporting more than 1,000 registered environmental charities.

The core focus of the study is an analysis of Canadian environmental charities. The report highlights the work of seven “Top Pick” organizations: Bruce Trail Conservancy, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Ecotrust Canada, Nature Canada, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada and Wildlife Preservation Canada.

The report examines five categories of environmental programs, including land conservation, habitat preservation, wildlife protection, the conservation economy and advocacy. The two top areas of focus were land and wildlife conservation.

Source | The Green Pages