Venezuela has Latin America’s Highest Electricity Consumption

Venezuela is the country in Latin America that generates the largest amount of electricity per capita, and it also has the highest demand for this resource, a situation that gave rise to the government’s plan to stabilize the electricity system and promote public awareness about energy efficiency.

Electricity Minister Jesse Chacón recently said: “If all Venezuelans don’t join a new culture of efficient electricity use, it doesn’t matter how much we invest in power generation, transmission and distribution, for the demand will always exceed the supply.”

According to figures from the World Bank, Venezuela’s National Statistics Institute (INE), the Latin American Energy Organization, and the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Venezuela has a net generation of 4,179 kilowatt hours per capita (kilowatt hours per person). It is followed by Chile (3,393 kwh), Argentina (2,860 kwh), Uruguay (2750 kwh), Brazil (2317 kwh), Mexico (1,999 kwh), Panama (1,873 kwh) and Costa Rica (1,854 kwh).

The results of Venezuela’s latest National Census of Population and Housing, released in 2011, show that 98.5% of the country’s households have access to electricity.

When you compare electricity in Venezuela with other nations, we see it is the Latin American country most electricity generated per capita. Our country is almost triple the average for Latin America (1,614 kwh / person) and twice that of Brazil, which is the strongest economy in our region.

Between 1999 and 2011, Venezuela’s capacity to generate electricity has reached twice what it was in the previous decade, from 1988-1999.

According to the Office of Electricity, 6,461 megawatts (MW) were added to the National Electricity System (SEN) in those years, of which 4,311 MW to 2,150 MW thermoelectric systems and hydro generation, while in the decade installed above 3,095 MW (2,572 MW thermal hydraulic and 523).

Currently, Venezuela has an installed generation capacity of 28,000 MW, of which 20,300 are operational to meet a demand of between 17,000 and 18,000 MW.

Electricity Efficiency Campaign

The government launched a national awareness campaign about the efficient use of electricity, which involves consumers, public and private companies and social media, in order to stabilize the power supply, meet the growing demand for electricity, and reduce pollution.

Source | AVN