PAHO Recommends Paraguay Monitor Transgenics

Paraguay should strengthen disease surveillance systems in areas where genetically modified seeds are used, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

The PAHO’s local representative, Ruben Figueroa, said the country should improve alertness and responsiveness to any unusual problems in regions where GM seeds are used, and improve mechanisms for monitoring food safety.

The suggestion coincides with statements by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare who asked the country’s Directorate of Health Surveillance to conduct “an assessment of tumor registry, making a comparison with areas where further agrochemicals are not used extensively.”

Maria Elena Goiburú, member of the Paraguayan Society of Nutrition, said, “there are uncertain long-term effects of GM foods on human.”

Adding that due to the difficulty in checking the safety of GM foods, they should not be used on a large scale in the country.

Source: Jesica Barreto |