Bolivia: Andean Wetlands are declared national priority

The plenary session of the Senate passed the bill that declares priority of the State, the recovery, conservation, and sustainable use of bofedales ( Andean Wetlands) for the purpose of preserving the life systems dependent on this special resource .

The bofedales are wetlands in height and are a type of native wet prairie with permanent or temporary, they are composed of a community of native species of flora with a high productive potential that sustains wildlife, domesticated and communities associated with them.

The wetlands are located in the Andean region of the country, representing 35% of the country, above 3,000 msl, approximately

The bill aims to promote specialized management of bofedales, from research and dialogue skills and knowledge of native indigenous peoples and academic knowledge for the purpose of applying mixed techniques of water and soil management conducive to increase of production and productivity to ensure the conservation of life sustaining systems.

With this standard is to support the process of sensitization to a multinational, departmental, municipal and community about the importance of recovery, conservation and sustainable use of soil, water, flora, fauna, and other components of production systems life related to bofedales.

The Ministry of Environment and Water, in the framework of its competences, should assist in managing national funding and international cooperation for the realization of studies and implementation of programs and projects for the recovery, conservation and management of specialized bofedales in the country.

The central level of government and the Autonomous Territorial inter governments must sign agreements to give viability to the programs and projects of the Ministry of Environment and Water.

The governments of corresponding Regional Entities shall include in their development plans and annual operating plans, the demands of the communities regarding the use, conservation and sustainable use of bofedales.

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