Venezuela and FAO to Work on Sustainable Fishing

A delegation of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) met recently with Venezuela’s Vice Minister for Fishing and Agriculture Yenry Urrea regarding a plan to conduct new scientific research on this sector and the impact of the elimination of industrial trawl fishing.

Urrea said that one of the objectives of the investigation is to evaluate the recuperation of marine ecosystems and take new measures to protect them.

“The study is going to allow us to obtain an increase in the size and volume of fishing yields, which will allow us to take new measures regarding fishing methods and seasons and develop technical norms for the protection of our species,” he said.

The joint research project by the FAO and Venezuela’s Vice Ministry for Fishing and Agriculture is called the Socio-economically and Environmentally Sustainable Fishing Program. It includes diverse actions to strengthen the sustainability of this resource using technology, technical assistance and specialized personnel from the FAO.

The project will evaluate the current situation of fishery resources in traditional and nontraditional areas where trawl fishing used to be conducted. It also creates a pilot system of information and monitoring on fisheries taking into account biological, economic and social variables for decision-making.

Meanwhile, it will develop the socio-productive potential of fishing communities to diversify economic activity among local residents. With this plan, technology will be evaluated and introduced to promote methods of fishing with a reduced environmental impact. Local government representatives will also benefit through an increased technical capacity with regard to the sector.

The FAO representative in Venezuela, Marcelo Resende, said that the plan will begin this December and last for four years.

“This is an important strategy to promote food security in the country by augmenting and strengthening production, which will benefit all Venezuelans, which we know is a priority of this government, something that has been demonstrated,” she said.

With the program, new scientific technologies will be introduced in Venezuela to strengthen the development of the fishing and agriculture sectors. For the last 14 years, the governments of the Bolivarian Revolution have sought to guarantee the right to nutrition and food sovereignty.

Source | Press of Venezuelan Embassy to the US