Animal abuse in Mexico grows

The Environmental and Land Management Attorney said animal abuse is growing in Mexico, since 58 percent of the 697 complaints received by the agency are raised for overcrowding, street sale, illegal breeding, sacrifices and experimental use in circuses and animal fights.

In this situation, Gustavo Larios Velasco, president of the Mexican Association for Animals Rights said the importance of recognizing that a human being who mistreats an animal, in addition to being subject to a penalty, needed psychological support to be rehabilitated.

The director of that organization and the environmental prosecutor participated in the inauguration of the course “Abuse and cruelty in companion animals: offenses and crimes,” which will provide capital’s public officials the tools necessary to analyze the power of each of competent authorities for the protection of animals and identify problems of abuse or cruelty to pets.

At the headquarters of the Environmental and Land Management Office (PAOT – in spanish), Miguel Angel Cancino, said that the problem of animal abuse is very complex and needs the responsibility of the authorities involved in the protection, as civil judges, the ministries of Public Security and the Environment, the delegations, the Public Ministry and the agency.

In turn, the local deputy of the Green Party of Mexico, Jesus Sesma Suarez, called on the Federal District authorities and their partners in the Federal District Legislative Assembly, the nonexistent enforcement of sanctions against perpetrators of animal abuse therefore, pledged to push for legislative change in order to make animal abuse a culpable offense.

In turn, José Ramón Amieva Gálvez, Chief Legal Affairs of the Federal District Government, favored a policy of strengthening animal abuse prevention through knowledge of the law, also congratulated the PAOT by the effort to bring together experts in the field of animal protection and that they report their experiences with other public officials and the general public.

Finally, Azucena Sanchez Mendez, Secretary of Citizenship and Crime Prevention of the Secretariat of Public Security of the Federal District, reported some of the objectives of the Animal Surveillance Brigade, including: Rescuing animals from the primary and secondary roads and and high speed, providing protection for abandoned animals that are abused, respond to dangerous situations for animal aggression, stop and submit to the competent authority for offenders from the sale of animals on public roads and assist in the rescue of wild animals and deliver them to the competent authorities for safekeeping.

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