Even Last Refuge in Arctic at Risk from Global Warming

One of even the last shelters in the region has now been found to surrender itself to the increasing temperatures. It has been found that polar bears are probably facing huge risks. Also, people have been found struggling to survive in a swiftly changing scenario.

Algae deposits were looked at by a group of five researchers from Laurentian University, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Queen’s University. These deposits occurred in Hudson Bay Lowlands’ lake sediments over past seven decades.

The team could conclude that the region had significantly only warmed since the mid-1990s. In the view of the connoisseurs, the findings have provided evidence for the Arctic’s alteration. The same has been found taking place at an extraordinary pace.

Climate scientists were this time surer that it was the human activity that was the majorly responsible for the increase in global warming.

“Soon we won’t have to say almost all areas of the Arctic have been warming because, here, one of the last big refugia seems to have succumbed”, stated paleolimnologist Dr. John Smol from Queen’s university.

Source: Pierrot Durand | nunatsiaqonline.ca