FAO celebrates quinoa’s legacy with Bolivia

FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva, Special Ambassador for the International Year of Quinoa, Nadine Heredia , and Bolivian Minister of Rural Development and Lands, Nemecia Achacollo have participated in a symbolic quinoa harvest in FAO headquarters.

The harvest was by hand, as has been done for centuries in the Andean region, during World Food Week.

The harvest was the first of a series of events organized by FAO to highlight the importance of quinoa and other underutilized grains and crops in the fight against hunger as part of the International Year of Quinoa. “This year, quinoa became our new ally against hunger,” said Graziano da Silva.

At the beginning of a panel discussion on quinoa, the FAO Director-General also pointed to the numerous achievements made over these last months, and he thanked the Andean country for the support for numerous activities carried out across the globe. “We’ve done everything with the conviction that quinoa and other underutilized grains and crops can take on a fundamental role in eradicating hunger and promoting healthier diets,” Graziano da Silva said.

Nadine Heredia, during her speech as a main participant in World Food Day ceremony, also said that she will continue to promote “this tiny multicolor grain during the International Year of Family Farming in 2014.”

Source | FAO