Paraguay evaluates potential to produce and use hydrogen

With the objective of achieving technological and energy development through the innovative exploitation of renewable energy sources in the country is established a technical, scientific and financial cooperation for the execution of thermo-technical-economic feasibility studies on this issue.

This project aims to make possible in the near future the creation of a “Center of Excellence” that permanently interact with universities and research teams, in both national and international levels, for the study, innovation and use of new technologies related to hydrogen and hydro-methane (synthetic compressed natural gas rich in hydrogen).

In this context, a series of high-level courses in connection with these subjects be given by professors from both the Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy) and the University of West Virginia (USA) at the Faculty of Engineering of Asuncion National University (FIUNA) with the main objective of developing human resources for future endeavors in these areas.

These seminars represent a step forward for Paraguay regarding the use of fuels produce from renewable energy sources. A year ago, biomethane technology was publicly presented in order to be promoted as a feasible option in the country.

Source: FIUNA / FPTI-PY.