Venezuela Releases 20,000 Turtles in the Orinoco River

In an event headed by the Ministry for the Environment, Miguel Leonardo Rodriguez and the community of Santa Maria del Orinoco in the state of Apure, Venezuela, released 20,000 Arrau turtles in the Orinoco River in order to promote the survival of this endangered species.

This activity was carried out with the participation of children from the community, members of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces, and environmental groups.

Minister Rodriguez said “with these actions we take another step toward shared environmental management, advancing in the conservation of forest animals. And with this release, we reach 589,000 of these turtles released so far last 15 years.”

He recalled that Arrau turtles are on the list of endangered species because they were unfairly treated as merchandise: “capitalism transformed the creature full of beauty into an object for purchase and sale. We, on the other hand, are helping them be born and grow, and now we are launching them into a life in the waters of our Orinoco River.”

The event is one of many activities as part of the fifth historic objective of Venezuela’s National Plan for 2013 to 2019. That objective relates to preserving the environment and all living things.

Source | Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US