Argentina: Experts warn of shorebirds species extinction in Tierra del Fuego

It was in the context of bird conservation workshop that took place in the region. The initiative developed by the Department of Tourism of Rio Grande , the Provincial Wildlife Management and Wildlife Division ‘s Office of the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Specialists and ornithologists warned that “Cauquén Cabeza Colorada” (chloephaga poliocephala) and the “Chorlito Ceniciento” (pluvianellus socialis) are in danger of extinction and this is what conservationists mobilized the province of Buenos Aires and Tierra del Fuego, to preserve the habitat and save the few remaining specimens.

This species migrates every year from the province of Buenos Aires where they spend the winter; in summer they nest and care for their young. They are subject to sport hunting, but it is illegal. In Tierra del Fuego, they encounter other problems such as the fox, the mink, trampling by livestock, problems caused by human activities.

Paul Petracci , researcher , adviser to the Wildlife Division ‘s Office emphasized that “the most important is recognizing the importance of the Province of Tierra del Fuego , specifically the Rio Grande, for this species ,” said the specialist.

“It is no coincidence that Rio Grande is chosen for the closeness it has to the usual places for this species, is one of the most endangered species in Argentina. The idea was put together to unify some criteria as to what are the main issues that the species have and see how these threats can be reversed for the Cauquén Colorado population begins to increase. We are talking that in the Argentine area there would be over a hundred specimens, which is very little. ”

“The idea is to work together as Nation, Province and municipalities with the expertise of experienced people who knows more about this”, concluded Paul Petracci.

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