Peru receives international cooperation to help mitigate climate change effects

The Ministry of Environment of Peru reported that it will be allocated 300 million dollars from the international cooperation to projects which will mitigate effects of climate change in the country.

Strategic Development Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Gabriel Quijandría said to the official agency that the proposed use of the fund goes beyond the issues of adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

“The mitigation issues are important to reduce the damage caused by climate change. Improve, for example, forest management and that (Peru) ceases to be the main contributor to climate change such as deforestation that today is observed in several places of the country, “he said.

Quijandría also said that the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Finance is working in a proposal that all investment projects to be submitted to the National Public Investment System (SNIP – in spanish) have a climate change component.

“We must work and look beyond specific projects and independent, to achieve a noticeable result. In this way, it would work at all scales, from large investment projects to those developed at the municipal level,” he said.

The deputy minister participated in the “Workshop on adaptation measures and projects in Latin America”​​, organized by CAF Development Bank from Latin America and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The workshop encouraged to explore funding opportunities for climate change mitigation and analyze examples of regional and national progress in adapting to this problem.

From | EFE