Modernization of mexican National Meteorological Service for Improved Climate Change Adaptation

Mexico search strengthen the National Meteorological Service (SMN, in Spanish) which aims to better respond to a growing demand for reliable weather information to improve water management resources and disaster risk management in a climate change context.

The SMN modernization plan includes activities such as institutional redesign, human resource recruitment and training, the installation of modernized infrastructure and improvements in the climate modeling tools used to generate weather forecasts and alerts.

The very uneven seasonal and spatial distribution of water in Mexico, exacerbated by a weather variability that alters water accumulation and runoff patterns, reveals the importance of increasing monitoring and projection capacities of hydrometeorological events.

It is expected that improvements to the early warning systems for hydrometeorological disaster risk management will generate significant benefits to vulnerable populations, such as small-scale farmers and inhabitants from marginal neighborhoods located in more vulnerable areas.

Indirectly, the initiative will have a positive effect in the reduction of poverty and inequality, as it will help increase the country’s productivity and competitiveness in general.

Source | World Bank