Andean region eyes geothermal future

The Andes region is planning to tap into the thousands of megawatts of clean energy available to them from geothermal sources, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.

The Andes region has some of the world’s largest potential for geothermal energy, estimated at 35,500 megawatts. The Andean mountain countries including Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru account for a significant portion of this potential.

Geothermal energy in these countries remains underutilized and poorly explored. The International Renewable Energy Agency is currently working with Andean governments and seeking support from other countries and organizations with geothermal expertise to boost the Andean geothermal sector.

Currently, the Andean governments are in talks to prepare a roadmap for geothermal energy development in the sub-region, which could serve as a model for more extensive regional clean energy strategies, such as in the eastern Caribbean.

The World Bank has also identified the Andean region, along with East Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, to have huge potential for geothermal energy.

Recently, the multilateral bank unveiled a major international effort to increase geothermal power generation in developing countries.

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