An Alliance to save the The Paraguayan Chaco

Rainforest Trust partner, Guyra Paraguay, reported shocking deforestation in areas of the Paraguayan Chaco.

The Paraguayan Chaco or Región Occidental (Western Region) is a semi-arid region in Paraguay, with a very low population density. The area is being rapidly deforested in the last years.

In August, Rainforest Trust alerted our supporters to an urgent land purchase to expand protection of the San Rafael Reserve located in southeastern Paraguay. San Rafael protects one of the last great stands of Atlantic Rainforest in Paraguay and our partner Guyra Paraguay has worked tirelessly to protect it.

In just ten days, the final amount of funding needed, $20,000, was raised allowing us to support our partner to finalize the purchase of 677 acres on October 8, 2012, that were in danger of being lost to deforestation.

Shocking Deforestation in Paraguay

The deforestation was monitored and photographed from the beginning 2013, during a 5-hour flight in the Department of Boqueron to check on sites of deforestation. In December 2012, these areas were forest and by January had lost almost all tree cover.

Dr. Alberto Yanosky, CEO of Guyra Paraguay, said of the deforestation, it’s “really sad and shocking.”

Rainforest Trust aims to purchase and protect rainforest land outright so that deforestation is forever prevented.

In 2012, Rainforest Trust partnered with Guyra Paraguay to expand the San Rafael Reserve by 677 acres. This parcel of land purchased comprised one of the last great stands of Atlantic Rainforest in Paraguay and is also home to the indigenous Mbyá People.

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