Warn that there is no law in Peru to regulate the use of animals in veterinary practice

The Veterinary Medical Association of Lima, said that replaces some teaching methods, reduces the number of animals used in these practices, and any pain caused to them.

Given the constant protests and claims veterinary schools against animal internship, Medical College Vet Lima (CMVL-spanish) warned that in Peru there is no law to regulate veterinary education with pets.

“There is a Law 27265 which ensures the protection of pets and wild animals kept in captivity, which also regulates experiments, research and teaching. However, it is not regulated, “said the CMVL spokesman, Dr. Miguel Angel Portocarrero.

It should be noted that the World Organization for Animal Health recognizes the essential role of the use of animals in research and education, however states that for these reasons, when getting an animal should be done legally with proper documentation. In the event of wild animals, “use humane trapping techniques and with due respect for the healing”.

Source | http://www.americatv.com.pe