Peru: Pollution has left more than 5,000 deaths in Lima

As expected, 80% these deaths are directly linked to the toxic fumes of public transportation, said Carlos Orihuela from the Consortium for Economic and Social Research (CIES-spanish).

The specialist noted that deaths from such pollution have been declining. “There was a peak in 2006, in which 2,840 deaths occurred. The next year 1,046 and in 2011 reached to 417,” said.

Orihuela explained that this is due to the change of the power-matrix that was transferred from oil or gasoline to gas-and the vehicle replacement.

He also said that the total cost of pollution deaths in 2011 was S/.55.83 million and S/.132.44 million in 2007.

Between the years 1994 and 2011 there were nearly 17,000 deaths related to PM10 pollution, according to CIES.

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