Venezuela: Reopened Maracaibo Botanical Garden after 12 years of neglect

The ecological park, ready for the recreation of the worthy life of Zulians, consists of passive recreation areas, lake, bike path, with a unique design in the region, wooded hectares, cafes and security booths for the visitors.

The measure, which was part of the program “Venues for Life” being conducted by the regional government, was implemented through the Regional Autonomous Institute of Environment (IARA-in spanish), the Botanical Garden Foundation, organized communal councils and the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC-in spanish).

“Through the joint work of the National Government we have been able to achieve great results for the botanical garden, which for so many years was forgotten, abusing the nature and its essence. Today, thanks to all this commonwealth, we will install the IVIC headquarters right here, this will have 5 buildings, and one of them will be devoted to botany and aeroforestal area”, said governor of Zulia state, Francisco Arias Cárdenas.

For his part, François Galletti, president of the Botanical Garden Foundation Maracaibo, said that thanks to the overwhelming support of the Bolivarian Government of Zulia, will start the recovery phase of the horticultural center. Added that the Zulia region will be the first place to develop solar energy with Venezuelan technology and clean cells for the treated water which will be reused in the garden.

With an area of over 200 hectares, more than 3,000 trees and 1,280 species of plants, the Botanical Garden is undoubtedly an important forest reference of the Maracaibo metropolitan area and western Venezuela.

Given the environmental, ecological and conservation importance that the Botanical Garden covers, it has been the target of numerous scientific investigations. One of these has found a marsupial species thought to be extinct in this land also found evidence in this area that live foxes and other mammals with the same characteristics.

Gustavo Carrasquel | ANCA24