Wonderful Eco Homes for the Indigenous Mapuche People Pop Up in Chile

Ruca is a social housing complex located to the north of Santiago de Chile. The project was designed for the indigenous Mapuche people by Undurraga Devés Arquitectos with the help of NGO Un Techo para Chile and the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism.

These earth friendly shelters are made from concrete and local pine, and they feature facades made from fast-growing coligüe cane. Made with love for the original South Americans, the Ruca shelters adapt the Mapuche’s dreams and ancient traditions to modern urban living.

Located in Huechuraba, Santiago, the 25 built Ruca homes are part of a grand social housing complex. To make these wonderful homes, the Mapuche people worked together with the architects, blending their own millenaire culture in a modern yet humble urban design.

Built one next to the other, the Ruca houses look over the East following a tradition of opening the main door to the rising sun. Measuring 656 square foot within two levels, all houses feature a big kitchen so the act of congregating around a fire can remain alive.

Although each family lives in their own decorated home, they all share a common outdoor area where they can socialize while admiring the gorgeous Andes Mountains.

Source: Ana Lisa Alperovich | Inhabitat