FAO hails Latin America’s agri-environmental policies

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently spoke highly of Latin America’s agri-environmental policies in its report, and sorted out challenges facing the sustainable development in the region.

The report, released by the FAO’s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, said policies of agriforestry systems, efficient use of water and organic farming are successful in reducing negative impact of agriculture on environment.

It also analyzed challenges, such as climate change, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, desertification and economic instability, in hampering reconciliation of food production and environmental protection as the government is striving to eradicate poverty.

“To revert these situations is one of the most urgent and complex challenges facing the sustainable development model,” Hivy Ortiz, a FAO’s forestry official said. “We need to achieve a necessary reconciliation between food production, food and nutrition security, poverty reduction and environment preservation.”

“Poverty and food insecurity are frequently related to fragile ecosystems and environmental degradation…” he added.

The report highlighted the development of a growing number of initiatives to include environmental criteria in agriculture and land policies in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Nicaragua, which have reduced the impact of agriculture activity on environment.

Source | http://www.globaltimes.com