Polar Bear cub becomes the star of a zoo in Canada

The youngster at Toronto Zoo, in Canada, was shown trying – but failing – to walk for the first time.

Eventually, after some effort, it managed to shuffle across on its hands and feet to the joy of everyone watching the clip.

The cub was taken from its mother when it was born in November because she had attacked a previous litter.

The cub was actually born back on Nov. 9, but he’s only begun to walk about under his own power.

He now weighs in at 4.4 kg, which is a pretty sizeable jump from his birth weight of just 700 grams. Eventually he’ll grow into a beastly 1000-pound animal.

“Our Wildlife Care Team has been working around the clock to look after this special cub. We are very happy with his progress so far. We hope that he will grow up to become another ambassador for his species, highlighting threats to the arctic environment,” said Graham Crawshaw, senior veterinarian at the zoo.

This cub is the only surviving member of a littler of three cubs born in November.

According to zoo staff, maternal instincts aren’t always perfect for new moms in the animal kingdom and it’s natural that not all cubs survive.


Source | o.canada.com