Report that in Venezuela only 9% of garbage is recycled

The zulian journal Panorama published a work in which evidence that in Venezuela only 9% of solid waste is recycled.

Create an own management model garbage collection should be a priority among authorities, experts and civil partnerships to solve the environmental pollution deployed in cities across the country, where only 9% of produced waste is recycled , according to NGOs.

Given this reality, there are international references that could be considered for improving the system as the applied in Germany, where the government created special bags for garbage, or Japan, considered the “paradise of recycling” in the world in which this activity is aimed by rigorous classification manuals for each type of waste.

Does not fail to impress as these nations take advantage of a sanitary situation that for Maracaibo, for example, is quite critical so contaminated that are its public area, more than 3,000 tons per day, indicate spokespersons of the Ministry of Environment in Zulia state.

The most important is to plan a “native” model, a comprehensive project based on reduction, reuse and good logistic for the waste management, as indicated Diego Diaz, environmental specialist and president of Vitalis, an NGO on behalf of the environment in Venezuela.

“This waste reduction should be produced at domestic and industrial level. The second action is to do their best to recycle what you can. Unfortunately, in Venezuela, no more than 9% of all waste is recycled although there is an extraordinary opportunity to recycle 90% of everything we produce, “said the expert.

Indicators of the environmental Ministry argue that in Venezuela (until 2010) was collected nearly 35,000 tons of urban waste per day .

But this culture of reuse lacks of impulse . Diaz ensures that recycling addition to generating jobs, transfer plants and landfills, is a great source of raw materials, water and energy that could diversify production and recreational activities.

“In other countries, the land of pouring, provided sanitary conditions even can be used as soccer fields” added environmental specialist.

Other important aspects for successful waste collection is communication and education. In the Netherlands, the two factors go together, particularly in schools to teach the importance of recycling.

“It is important to encourage consumers to return the products, as containers of medicines and soft drinks. Companies produce them, but they do not encourage to return them back. I think the Government should encourage that for every material we recycle it could be shopping discounts , “said Diaz.

In the case of Maracaibo , the municipality requires the reactivation of 349 routes to keep it clean , as stated Carlos García , Secretary of Environment . Despite the partnership between the regional Government and the Mayor, in the city “overflows ” the garbage .

In statistics of the Environment Ministry said that Zulia state (until 2009 ) has 13 uncontrolled landfills of the 294 in the country.

In 2013 , the Government promised the purchase of 50 trucks from Uruguayan manufacturing to automate the collection . This will provide some 12,000 containers throughout the municipality , similar to those already placed in an area of ​​the Metropolitan Area of ​​Caracas and Barinas .

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