Antisana Ecological Reserve, key habitat for Andean Condor habitat in Ecuador

Recently conservationists groups have acquired a 2,800-ha (7,000-acre) property that completes the acquisition of some 108,000 ha of key Andean Condor habitat in Ecuador.

The lands will serve as a buffer zone for the Antisana Ecological Reserve, an area that protects 140,000 ha of high-altitude forests, canyons, and páramo grasslands around the 5,758 m (18,714-foot) Antisana Volcano.

The reserve bridges two large protected areas — Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve to the north and Sumaco National Park — that support the largest population of Andean Condor in the northern Andes, according to the American Bird Conservancy, which was one of several groups involved with the acquisition.

The conservation project involves a raft of partners, including local NGO’s, government agencies, and local donors. Fundación Jocotoco, an Ecuadorian NGO that is leading the project, says that the large population of Andean Condors in the area made it possible to rally various groups to raise funds for the reserve.

Internationally, the project was backed by the Paul G. Allen Foundation, the American Bird Conservancy, the Blue Moon Foundation, the Butler Foundation, Global Wildlife Conservation, the March Foundation, The Peregrine Fund, the Rainforest Trust, the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation, the Robert Wilson Trust, and the World Land Trust.

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