Venezuela: Caracas Botanical Garden Being Recuperated in Collective Effort

The recuperation of the Botanical Garden of Caracas is being carried out through a series of cooperative works that range from replacing the fences at the entrance to the site, to remodeling the walkways and the pond, and fixing the vehicles used to move plants from one place to another.

The Ministry of University Education assumed the task of repairing the vehicles, which greatly needed maintenance.

The president of the Botanical Garden Foundation of Caracas, Mario Gabaldón, told the newspaper Correo del Orinoco: “we may have the motorized vehicles repaired, not just the truck, but also the two tractors.”

The Cultural Patrimony Institute will be sending guards to the park to ensure the security of the site and its visitors.

Gabaldón said that, so far, security at the Botanical Garden has been managed cooperatively among students who do community service and environmental guides, as well as one Sergeant of the Bolivarian National Guard.

“The Central University of Venezuela has prohibited any increase in the budget,” he explained.

The first phase of the recuperation involves improvements to the key sites of the garden, such as the cactus section and the pond.

“The main pond requires some work, and needs to be filled in, because in the past they did a bad job and made it too deep, and so aquatic plants could be planted there,” Gabaldón said, indicating that the water should be less than a meter deep.

“We have to fill that end, put in a geotextile fabric and then plant the species found in Venezuelan lagoons,” he explained.

Source | Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US