Colombia: Call to enforce law that banned wild animals in circuses

The Attorney General’s Office asked the Ministry of Environment, the National Police, governors, mayors and autonomous corporations, among others, to comply the law that prohibits the use of wild animals in circuses.

Through a memorandum, prosecutors urged the authorities to promote compliance with Act 1638 of June 27, 2013 which prohibits the use of wild animals, whether native or exotic, in circuses.

The Prosecutors noted that the Act provides that national and local authorities can not issue any license two years after the publication of this law (June 27, 2013) for all circuses events that use wild animals.

Similarly, employers of circuses have two years to adapt their shows around the country devoted to the rule, and for handing the wild animals to environmental authorities.

n that period, circuses also must forward the paperwork to obtain the necessary permissions to send overseas the animals and their offspring, if applicable.

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