Bill to Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics in the United States Introduced

A new bill introduced recently by U.S. Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) would prohibit animal testing for cosmetics made or sold in the U.S.

According to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), The Humane Cosmetics Act, H.R. 4148, would:

Make it unlawful for anyone to conduct or commission cosmetic animal testing in the U.S.

Prohibit selling, offering for sale or transporting any cosmetics in interstate commerce if the final product or any component was developed or manufactured using animal testing.

Under The Humane Cosmetics Act, after a one-year phase-in, animal testing would be banned. After a three-year phase-in period, the sale of animal tested cosmetics would be banned.

São Paulo, Brazil recently signed a bill prohibiting cosmetics testing on animals, and as the video above states, the European Union has also banned the sale of newly animal-tested cosmetics.

Congressman Moran said: “I am delighted to be working with The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society Legislative Fund on this bill, which will bring the United States into the 21st century and save countless animals from unnecessary cosmetics testing.”

On March 11, 2014, a Congressional briefing, “Global regulations and advancements in alternatives to animal testing for cosmetics,” will be hosted by Cruelty Free International in cooperation with Congressman Moran.

Note that on, H.R. 4148 is shown as having a “1% chance of being enacted. This bill has a 4% chance of getting past committee first.”

With that in mind, Cruel Free International has prepared a petition that by signing will ask your Representative to become a co-sponsor of the Humane Cosmetics Act. Click here to sign.

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