It will install the largest wind farm in Uruguay

The National Administration of Power Plants and Power Terminals (UTE- in spanish) of Uruguay and the Administrative Republic Investment Funds Company (Rafisa- in spanish)) signed an agreement to build the largest wind farm in the South American country.

UTE also presented a trust for $ 64 million to finance a wind farm in Tacuarembó, which will require a total investment of 275 million dollars.

The “Pampa” project, with an estimated $ 275 million investment and a capacity of 140 MW, will be installed in the northern province of Tacuarembó.

The work will operate in the first half of 2015 and joins other smaller parks that operate with the UTE as a developer or promoter. 

With the launch of 100 wind turbines the wind power production in the country will be multiplied by five over the first quarter of the year, going from 52 to 250 MW.

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