Propose capping the collision of fauna roads in Argentina

The Argentina Wildlife Foundation continues to work to raise awareness and share information to avoid collisions with wild animals on the roads of northern Argentina.

Recently, members of the organization handed to drivers who visit Iguazú Falls a sticker with the slogan “Set limits on the collision with jaguars “, plus information and recommendations to avoid incidents with wildlife.

In northern of Misiones more than 3,000 animals die each year by drivers who do not respect the speed limits to transit routes and roads through protected areas.

Therefore, after the outrage of two jaguars in recent years, the Wildlife Foudation delivers a bumper car sticker to complement the actions of awareness and control being undertaken within the framework of the “Animal Care” campaign, which is included.

The sticker reminds drivers to 60 Km / h is the speed limit in parks and natural reserves, which are less than 60-jaguars which are estimated, are preserved in the jungle region.

Also, this month the Wildlife Foundation along with the National Parks Administration (APN- in spanish) and the commitment of the Traffic Division of the Municipality of Iguazú, will conduct a series of briefings with owners and drivers of local taxis with the intention to achieve its commitment to the issue.

Similar meetings are held with tourism companies for several months by the Department of Conservation and Environmental Education of the APN.

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