Mathematical techniques in favor of biodiversity in Venezuela

Venezuelan specialists promote the application of mathematical techniques for the proper management and conservation of biological diversity in the country, officials said.

According to the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC- in spanish), for this purpose was convened a workshop under the theme “Models of niche and species distribution,” which allow the domain of these methodological tools.

The center noted that this knowledge let us get and process spatial data of interest in scientific research related to the environment.

In this sense, the central focus of the workshop will be the nature of the occurrence data, niche theory and distributions, evaluating predictions of geographical distribution and examples of its application in ecology, evolution and conservation of biodiversity.

The scientific meeting will count with Daniel Lew (coordinator) and Haidy Rojas, of the IVIC Biodiversity Unit .

Furthermore, Juana Andrade and Lourdes Suarez from the Institute of Ecology and Zoology of Tropical Central University of Venezuela, joined by Robert Anderson and Mariano Soley-Guardia from the Department of Biology from the New York University (USA).

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