Illegal trade of wildlife in Argentina: only one out of ten animals survives

In 560 raids in the past 20 months rescued 8,000 specimens.

Each wildlife and also endemic species, whose marketing is prohibited except the ones coming from approved management plans or enabled breeding , and have the right documentation.

In the past 20 months it was found 8,000  animals alive along of  560 raids, plus 2,800 wildlife products made from animal parts, such as purses, skins, ostrich nail cutlery  and candlesticks with deer antlers.

At least 1,293 specimens were released after quarantine and cures, but remains very high level of mortality in the illegal wildlife trade, which according to the Department of Environment, occupies the third position worldwide, after arms and drugs.

In the country, the activity is prohibited by the Law 22.421 Conservation and Wildlife Conservation and the 22,344 which approves the Conservation on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Few of the perpetrators received final convictions, while endangered species suffer significant declines in their populations.

Illegal trafficking brings with it a high mortality rate: Only 10% survive the stress, lack of food and overcrowding.

Most sold in the domestic market are aimed as pets , one of the main problems affecting the illegal trade in wildlife.

Up to 500 thousand dollars fine may receive at most one dealer to mainstream a network of illegal trafficking of wild animals. However, this does not stop the black market impact of hundreds of species.

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