Reconstruction Plan Makes Progress in Bolivia Affected Areas

The reconstruction plan for the affected areas by natural disasters in Bolivia will incorporate a medium-term development strategy, said the Development Planning Minister, Viviana Caro.

According to Claro, “all the ministeries, the cabinet, are working on a plan not only for rehabilitation, but also to have a medium-term strategy so that productive activities in the regions affected can develop”.

In statements to the radio station Red Patria Nueva, the Minister assured the resources to implement this plan in the affected areas and explained that this medium-term strategy will seek “a development with prevention and that incorporates criteria regarding this weather events”.

“We are making negotiations, the review and estimates to determine the necessary resources, as requested by our President Evo Morales”, highlighted the Minister, as she said that the re-construction plan includes the execution of works, financing, and the implementation of sustainable development programs.

Among those works, Caro highlighted the construction of dams to prevent floods, which affect the populations of the Amazon region, which most suffered from the rains of recent weeks.

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