Sanitizing the Banks of Venezuelan Rivers

A group of volunteers from Venezuelan Environmental Movement and workers of the Ministry for Tourism undertook cleaning up the banks of the Apure River in the plains, and they collected more than 60 bags of trash equivalent to half a ton of solid waste.

The accumulation of waste has affected the landscape of the plains from the banks of the rivers. The Apure is the largest tributary in Venezuela of the Orinoco river on its left bank. It has a length of 820 kilometers.

It arises from the confluence of the Sarare river and the Uribante river in Apureña and flows eastward through the Venezuelan plains, bathing the city of San Fernando de Apure until it arrives to the Orinoco River, the largest in Venezuela.

This sanitation activity comes in addition to the recent cleanup day at the Canaima National Park in Bolivar State, which provided MINTUR with about 500 volunteers from around the country, to ensure ecological protection of a unique space in the world and a great tourist attraction. [The famous Angel Falls sits in Canaima National Park].

Canaima, a World Heritage Site, covers 30,000 square kilometers, of which 65 % is occupied by the imposing rock plateaus known as tepuis.

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