Colombia seeks international recognition as a producer of organic food

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development received a delegation from the European Union that will assess a request made by Colombia to ensure that its national standards are on par with the European ones so that they have better opportunities of exporting organic products.

The country’s aim is to be a part of the select list of third countries that the European Union recognizes implement organic production principles and a control system equivalent to theirs.

Colombia seeks international recognition of its national standard, Resolution 187 of 2006, which rules over the primary production, processing, packaging, labelling, storage, certification, import, and marketing of organic food as well as setting the Control System of Ecological Agricultural Products.

This international recognition will bring multiple benefits to Colombia, especially for small producers, who will have the opportunity to sell their organic products in the European market, thus improving their income, and quality of life. The recognition would also help generate associative processes that would help increase productive linkages.

It is also an opportunity for the control system institutions, such as the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment, the ICA and Invima, among others, to work articulately so that the rules guaranteeing the safety and quality of the food products for the national and international markets are complied.

Once the European delegation’s field visit is completed, they will take several months to prepare a report and complete the process that determines whether the country’s national standards are on par with Europe.

Source | Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia