Ancient plants in Ecuador are threatened

A study published in September 2014 by the International Union for the Care of Nature (IUCN) indicates that at least 20% of the world’s medicinal plants are threatened.

In its report, the IUCN indicates that between 50,000 and 70,000 plants are used worldwide in traditional medicine systems.

In Ecuador there are no accurate records of the number of plants, but studies in specific areas indicate that about 80% of the country’s plants have healing properties, which explains why there are a number of natural products that are offered in the market derived from them.

The list contains some species that live in Ecuador. Such is the case of cat’s claw, walnut, horsetail, the cinnamon, among others.

A panel of experts explain deforestation, habitat destruction, pollution (air, rivers), the introduction of alien species and climate change are the main “actors” to put pressure on plants.

Also, that they are not only the ancestral and medicinal use. To those threats overexploitation and unsustainable agricultural practices still practiced by some sectors of the country.

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