Climate change may be positive for Uruguay

Climate change is not the main threat to agricultural production in Uruguay and may even be favorable, as maintains an investigation by the SARAS Institute and funded by the Ministry of Livestock and the United Nations.

The Institute carried out the research “Climate variability of importance to the productive sector,” which is part of a series of studies aimed at understanding the consequences of climate phenomena in the production and represents a change of approach in understanding the problem. The researchers note that there is a cultural problem and little climate information in producers.

“Uruguay has always had an inter-annual variability, e.g. rainfall, very important. Every producer knows that there is just one year to another, but has substantially changed the productive matrix of Uruguay and we seem to have forgotten that. Today we have a demand on natural resources and the services provided by the climate system that are far greater than we had in the past, “he said.

In addition, research argues that “the evidence supports the assertion that the Uruguay and the region have experienced during the last 10,000 years in its climatic oscillations, alternating between cold-dry and warm-humid phases. (…) The recent history has increasingly warmer and more annual accumulated rainfall conditions. ”

Valentine Picasso, a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center in Response to Climate Variability and Change, University of the Republic, was in charge of the presentation of the study on the sensitivity and adaptive capacity of agro-ecosystems from the effects of climate change.

The researcher said that we must stop thinking about climate change and worry about the adaptation of production to climate always had the Uruguay. “Today we recognize that climate variability, today we have droughts and floods, have temperature changes.

Variability always been, are going to increase in the future? Yes, but there has always been. The emphasis is not what I have to adapt but what they have to adapt. The emphasis is on the sensitivity of the systems, “he said.

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