In Peru there are no criminal penalties for animal abuse

Today sanctions are economic and these are calculated through the daily fines.

In Peru there is no law to punish animal abuse as a crime under the Criminal Procedure Code. “There is only one device that punishes this as a failure, that is, as a minor criminal offense violent act,” said criminal lawyer Eduardo Herrera.

The mistreatment, sixty days of fine but if the animal died as a result of the violence, the penalty shall be one hundred and twenty to three hundred and sixty days’ fine. The judge may in such case the offender ban the keeping of animals in any form.

The dean of the College of Lawyers, the criminal attorney Mario Amoretti said the judge will determine the time and manner of payment of the fine. Some municipalities include additional economic sanctions ranging from S /. 350 the S /. 7,600.

Therefore, animal protection organizations believe that the penalties should be higher. For criminals who poison dogs to steal homes, they would be liable to higher penalties due to various aggravating. For example, if they are caught red-handed for possession of unauthorized arms, etc.

Draft law

Seven months ago Congressman Carlos Bruce introduced a bill to sanction up to four years in prison on mistreatment of domestic animals. However, to date the document date is still waiting to be discussed by the Committee on Justice.

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