Paraguay lost 143,656 hectares of forest in six months

Paraguay lost 143,656 hectares of forest area between August 2013 and February of this year, according to the first map Deforestation, presented by the Ministry of Environment (SEAM), which intends to use to combat illegal logging.

The map, which follows a methodology of photo interpretation from satellite imagery indicates that deforestation is mainly focused on the western part of Paraguay where the Chaco region is, with 117,891 hectares affected area in that semester.

The Seam, who presented the study in the Senate, said they did not have their own deforestation data from previous periods.

According to the report, deforestation progressed a daily average of 785 hectares in the western region, while in the east it was 171.7 hectares.

Although the eastern region is the least affected, the Seam expressed concern about deforestation figures because in that part of the country has been in force since 2004 Zero Deforestation Law, which prohibits processing and conversion surfaces with forest cover.

The head of the Seam, Maria Cristina Morales, said that the map will serve as an instrument of control and intervention to curb deforestation in the country.

The map display is performed while operating “Taguato Ruvicha” was released, as is known in Guarani the harpy eagle, endangered in Paraguay.

The operation will be a joint action against deforestation between Seam and other state entities such as the Prosecutor office, the National Commission for Protection of Natural Resources (CONADERNA), Supreme Court, National Police, Customs and the National Forest (INFONA) Institute.

Source | EFE