Mexico: Increases the complaint for animal abuse

Not only physical, but also the conditions in which they live, are reported because some of them are in the rooftop, in backyards without cleaning, or no vaccines.

In Mexico City the complaints are common to the police or environmental procurement delegations on poor conditions in which it is a pet, especially dogs and cats , although the Law on Animal Protection and Civic Culture contemplates sanctions against the perpetrators, if the abuse is not proven, it can hardly be punished.

An abused animal not only shows visible or open wounds, can also have them internally, hidden under the coat or reflected in their behavior, making it difficult to identify and simultaneously, the complaint of the owner or person in responsible for their care.

The Environmental and Land Planning Prosecutor (PAOT) reported that so far this year, more than 13 percent of the complaints it has received has to do with animals on issues of abuse, overcrowding, street sale, illegal breeding sacrifices and experimentation, circuses and fights.

This figure, said Miguel Angel Cancino, head of PAOT, represents twice those received last year, which shows the interest of the people for help; however, found it necessary to have technical information to detect serious cases and not just based on sympathy and intend to protect them.

Malnutrition is also a sign of abuse and although in some cases is due to the poverty status of the owners who have little to eat themselves, others do is premeditated or disinterest.

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