Bolivia will punish violence against animals but not their ritual sacrifices

Bolivia is preparing a law to protect animals that will punish their perpetrators with penalties of up to six years in prison, but does not prohibit slaughter in indigenous rituals, officials said.

The national law on the protection of animals, which is in preparation, is in the eye of the storm. This provides criminal penalties of six years in prison to punish animal abuse.

Another point of the law is that it has been prepared “respecting the manners and customs” of Bolivia, in other words, allowing animal sacrifice in rituals. “At this point it looks specifically with issues of medical treatments or rituals.

In the sacrifices animals do not suffer , the Indians know how to do, it has seen and experienced, “said Maria Chuca, ruling party which has generated controversy in institutions responsible for the animal rights.

In some parts of the historic center of La Paz as Sagárnaga and Linares streets is common to find shops of indigenous people where thousands of dissected fetuses are sold for rituals.

Fetuses are employed both in the countryside and in cities where altars offerings of thanks to Mother Earth or Pachamama.

Marcelo Elio, president of the Chamber of Deputies, said the city determined to form a special technical committee to refine the bill.

He also noted that this rule poses an amendment to the Criminal Code of excessive suffering and cruelty is practiced against animals.

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