Deforestation destroys 35 hectares per day in Paraguay

Between January and July 34.8 hectares per day is the average of deforestation in the country.

The Department of San Pedro is still the place where the highest rate was recorded nearly 10 hectares, followed by Conception Canindeyú and Amambay, respectively, according to the Ministry of Environment (SEAM- in spanish).

The same survey reported, satellite images, between January and July this year, 6,281 hectares in the Eastern Region, which confirmed a 75% less, compared to 25,765 hectares deforested in the previous semester .

This work is a continuity of the monitoring that began in August 2013 and one of its main objectives is to provide georeferenced geographic information (qualitative and quantitative data on location, time, trends, area, indexes, etc.); in the framework of the Taguato Ruvicha operation led by Seam, to the accompaniment of various state institutions to combat deforestation under No. 2524 Zero Deforestation Law No. 294/93 Law on Environmental Impact Assessment among others.

The results obtained allow to have today with a georeferenced database with the location of the deforested sites (Municipality, District, Location coordinates and size); information that enables precise interventions in coordination with other institutions, within the framework of the Taguato Ruvicha operation, as reported by SEAM- in spanish.

The support is ongoing with maps and satellite images to the Directorate of Legal Counsel in the context of open administrative proceedings as a result of interventions in the field. Also cross cadastral data, supplied by the National Cadastre in deforested sites, allowing to identify the owners of the respective properties.

Instruments. For the monitoring it was used games satellite images Landsat 8 LCD from the period considered and was applied a methodology of visual photo interpretation, with the help of the Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing tools, the institution said.

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