Colombia receives more than 142,000 signatures to protect the Amazon pink river Dolphin

Colombia receives more than 142,000 signatures in Latin America, North America and Europe to protect the pink dolphins of the Amazon.

The nongovernmental organization World Animal Protection delivered the signatures to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia to this government agency prohibits the entry and trade of the mota fish for which about 1,500 pink dolphins are hunted annually in the Amazon.

The petition available on the site is directed to Minister María Ángela Holguín Cuéllar, who did not officially attend the international NGO, but she offered a progress meeting for December 15.

“This is a sign of the interest of the Colombian authorities to find a solution to the problem of dolphins; but we and the more than 142,000 people have expressed their support by signing require a greater commitment, speed and results, “said Ricardo Mora, director of World Animal Campaign for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“From January 2015, the fishing and fish marketing of the mota is prohibited for five years in Brazil; however, we know that the moratorium is not enough and that this fish can continue to be sold illegally to Colombia for consumption, which will bring more deaths pink dolphins, “said Mora.


Faced with this problem, the World Animal Protection denounced a video how the mota fish is sold to Colombians by passing by other species such as Capaz. “This deception the Colombian public makes people who consume the fish are indirectly causing more pink dolphins remain cruelly hunted in the Amazon,” said Dr. Vieto.

Recently the Invima called Colombians to avoid eating the mota fish until studies demonstrate that there is a danger to human health, considering that this catfish feed on carcasses of other animals and inquiries about your safety.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry said last September its intention to discuss the issue in international forums that include all Amazon countries, believing insufficient bilateral agreement with Brazil to prevent hunting of dolphins is present in other countries region.

Before delivery of signatures, twenty Colombians joined World Animal Protection in the Plaza Bolivar, Bogota’s main square, asking them also to Colombia to attend the request will prevent the population of pink dolphins further reduced to a rate of 10% annually in the Amazon.

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