2015: The year of environmentalists

Although the years 2010 to 2014 were the climax, the record of the last decade in regard to natural disasters, and alerts us to the future contingencies that we must overcome or defend, to the answers given by both tort nature it has received from mankind, was also the most active year that the United Nations (UN) has been in environmental matters.

Three global conferences and summit, all on Climate Change. These natural contingencies and these organizational efforts, paving the way for us to say, without any mistakes, that 2015 is shaping up as the year of environmentalists, ecologists and conservationists.

Also looming as one of the highlights of environmental journalism that will robustly accompanied by hundreds of digital and print media that are dedicated in the world to environmental issues or maintain important sections on environmental conservation.

In addition, we must add, the brave informative contributions are making thousands of bloggers who every day engage and actively growing solidarity of television and radio. Together we will consolidate a grinding media phenomenon to produce a tenacious synergy in favor of protecting the environment.

But what are those indicators that allow us to infer such stellar in favor of planet Earth for 2015 ?

The polluting countries club feel exposed and evidence fear.

The globalization through Internet, a tool created and polished by those same countries that poison the planet, which was aimed at designing an invisible communication network to remotely control organizations or execute real-time strategies, has also served to communicate and unite us.

Put us on alert and “accidents” such as filtering of classified documents that WikiLeaks, placed open reading into cyberspace, allowed us to decipher, discover the “modus operandi” of the Club of polluters.

Today, we can properly say “here we all know eachother and know what the interests are for each one”. And their interests (polluters), are not the same as the rest of humanity and life in general of all species.

Also, they can no longer hide they are afraid because they know they are doing wrong. They are directly responsible that annually more than 250 million people are affected by natural disasters caused by climate change. Where their excessive lifestyle has triggered fierce fires in Russia, drought or massive flooding in Asia and Africa, seismic, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, the melting of the Arctic and the loss of much of the biodiversity in each of the continents.

The output is in our intelligence and creativity, which are the invincible weapons to stop polluters and destroyers of the environment. Those who do not share thier unnatural behavior, we are obliged to organize and act. As they have boycotted, blocked or embargoed nations to asphyxiate economically, equal, and with good reason, the rest of the increasingly informed citizens of this planet can do.

Why buy a product made by a nation that pollutes the planet ?, why consuming a good if that nation kills whales or fails to defend its forests?

We are a large army of millions of tiny Lilliputians, compared with obese and unconscious Gullivers , but our communicative fine wires make solid and unbreakable nets to trap them, reduce and finally stop such environmental impunity.

We have everything in our favor.The 2015 is the year!

By  lenincardozo.blogspot.com