Endangered sei whales found beached on Chilean coast

Chilean officials said recently that about two dozen endangered sei whales have been found beached along the South American country’s southern coast.

8m3Foreign scientists discovered the whales on the Gulf of Penas and reported them to the National Fisheries Service. While a statement from government officials said there were around 20 whales, the scientists said they counted more than 30.

It’s not unusual to find beached whales along Chile’s 4,200-kilometre coast. However, it’s the first time sei whales have been found beached in the country, the Fisheries Service said.

The International Union for Conservation of Natures lists the sei as an endangered species. Adults can be longer than 15 metres and weigh 20 tonnes or more.

Officials said they were trying to determine what caused the whales to wind up on the beach.

Source | http://www.cbc.ca


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