Ecuador to deepen studies on wind potential

Ecuador will continue to evaluate at least 10 sites for installation of wind-measuring masts as part of studies for new wind power projects, the electricity ministry said recently.

Parque-eolico-Villonaco.jpgThe initial study identified potential sites in the mountains and on the coast, while the second phase will deepen the analyses in some places through technical visits and adjustments, taking into account the type of soil, protected areas, proximity to populated areas, road access, noise and visual impact.

The results until now were discussed by state-owned utility Corporacion Electrica del Ecuador (Celec) and the National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Institute.

Currently, Ecuador has the 16.5-MW Villonaco wind farm, registered for carbon credits with expectations to offset 38,052 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions a year. Additionally, the country is studying some wind projects in the Loja, Bolivar, Carchi and Pichincha provinces.

By Diana Hristova |


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