Could increase the number of stranded marine animals on Peruvian beaches (Video)

An elephant seal from Antarctica recently appeared in the Costa Verde due to a slight cooling of the coast.


The Peruvian Sea Institute says there is an increase in animals washing up on Peruvian beaches, with environmentalists pointing their fingers at the El Nino phenomenon. Jillian Kitchener reports.

This is just one of the mammals Peruvians say have washed ashore in recent days. The elephant seal was found by swimmers on Makaha Beach… and was tended to by veterinarians.

Carlos Yaipen is the director of an animal welfare organization, and says the seal had wounds on its head associated with smallpox.

Environmentalists are linking some deaths to a lack of nutrients and are blaming the changing ecosystem on El Nino. But further investigations are underway to determine the exact cause of death for some of these dolphins.

“We could see more of these animals and on the coast in the coming weeks. The sea will return to its temperature and food become scarce, “says the report.

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